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broadband internet

from 18,90€ per month

fast internet

at home

watch movies in high resolution, play your favorite games,

chat and listen to music regardless of your home location!

from 18,90€ per month

internet for your business


with faster upload speeds, you can deliver your work in just a few seconds 

loop telecoms offers ideal connection packages for any type of business. With speeds from 24Mbps to 200Mbps and Premium Support 24/7, you now feel safe for your next project, your Zoom meeting or to send your files. Get to know loop telecom’s business packages.

from 31,90€ per month

daily internet

for events

loop telecoms innovates with daily connection packages at the highest speeds of the market with instant installation and support

daily internet  packages

fiber speed


for the most demanding businesses, with great upload speeds, new generation internet with optical fiber technology 

from 159,00€ per month →


Guarantee of quality and stable speed without problems and interruptions


Coverage in remote areas, where other providers still offer low speed connections

Wireless Connection

Internet without an existing telephone connection

Low Prices

Custom connection packages at competitive prices according to your needs

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