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Study, design and Installation of Networks. loop telecoms undertakes all the stages of a network with the aim of security, proper installation and its future expansion.

We offer complete networking, installation and maintenance solutions, on existing or new networks. Wiring, racks, electrical installations. Wired and wireless local area networks. Installation of intranets, VPNs, firewalls, mail servers, webservers, virtual machines. Also installation and configuration of servers, routers and other devices.

We provide the necessary technical support for every small or big problem with your network, whether it is a network set up by us or an already existing one. As your needs grow, we make sure your network grows, advising and implementing its expansion always in the fastest and smoothest way possible.

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Design & Installation of Networks

We undertake all stages of the study-design and implementation of a computer network, as well as cameras-surveillance sensors, with the aim of security, proper installation and future expansion.

We offer the following services:

  • Recording and study of the installation site
  • Complete networking and installation study
  • Installation of wiring, racks, electrical installations, structured cabling
  • Installation of wired and wireless local area networks
  • Installation of intranets, VPNs, firewalls, mail servers, webservers, virtualization
  • Installation and configuration of servers and other devices
  • Certification of installation and good operation with state-of-the-art equipment (certificate can also be provided with an added fee)
  • Full support under maintenance contract

The study and design of the cable system (copper and fiber optics) is performed by experienced and certified engineers and always in accordance with TIA / EIA & ISO international standards.

Installations are carried out by specialized and trained technicians. We have special equipment for termination, certification and inspection of installations, which is often maintained. We are certified for Mikrotik Router.

Network Installation

Loop telecoms undertakes to set up the bases of your local network and to perfect your infrastructure, providing you with the appropriate equipment for a reliable data and voice transfer.
Some of the network infrastructure work we undertake:

  • Study and installation of local voice and data network
  • Network and socket mapping
  • Supply of network equipment
  • Construction of canals and their walling
  • Manufacture of network cables and sockets
  • Computer network cabling
  • Telephone network cabling
  • Server wiring
  • Installation of Patch Panel distributor
  • Rack installation
  • Network connectivity check
  • Certification of network connections

Network Maintenance

We provide the required technical support for every small or big problem with your network, whether it is a network set up by us or an already existing one. As your needs grow, we make sure your network grows too, by proposing and implementing its expansion in the fastest and smoothest way possible:

  • Local or remote network maintenance
  • Local or remote network extension
  • Wired or wireless network maintenance
  • Wired or wireless network extension
  • Network equipment maintenance (Router, Firewall, Switch)
  • Immediate technical support by phone or Email
  • Immediate technical support with a visit of a technician to your place

Network Security & Firewalls

As the name implies, Firewalls act as a barrier between the Internet and the internal network or a computer and stop various threats and attacks, including some viruses.
They stand between your computer and the rest of the digital world, to keep you safe from online threats.

Firewalls can be software that runs on a computer, software that protects the network, or a hardware device connected to the network.

Firewalls filter the information that enters or leaves the network, based on rules that we have set. This way we can protect the network from intruders (hackers, some viruses, etc.), and even prevent the transfer of information from the network computers, such as what types of files are allowed to be sent.

Complete shielding of your network

We offer complete solutions for your network security, which include: firewall, remote access – Virtual Private Network (VPN), end-user protection – Antivirus, intrusion detection & suppression – Intrusion Detection System (IDS) & Internet Provider Security (IPS), wireless network security, thus protecting your valuable data from external and internal risks.


  • Evaluation of an existing or new network
  • Installation and configuration
  • Custom tactics upgrade
  • Upgrades, upgrade management and maintenance
  • Functionality control
  • Restore settings
  • Identifying, analysing and solving problems

Virtual Private Network:

  • Equipment installation and configuration
  • Remote SSL VPN access
  • Remote IPSec VPN access
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Configuration and management of VPN Routers
  • VPN optimization
  • Functionality control
  • VPN fault detection and repair

End-user protection:

  • Study of safety tactics
  • Antivirus installation and configuration
  • Automatic response to attacks on the Main Server
  • Automatic response to workstation attacks
  • Data protection from mishandling
  • Data protection from malicious use

Intrusion Detection System, Internet Provider Security:

  • IDS / IPS installation and configuration
  • Creating detection tactics
  • Upgrades, upgrade management and maintenance
  • Network event monitoring
  • Real-time detection and response to known threats
  • Functionality control
  • Restore settings and tactics

Wireless Network Security:

    • Installation and configuration of wireless equipment
    • Use of recent encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms
    • Detect wireless locations and false wireless hotspots
    • Central management of wireless devices

    Structured Cabling

    “Structured Cabling” refers to the cabling installation of a single voice-data network that is based on International standards and is easy to manage.

    A structured cabling installation consists of a set of cables and materials (sockets, distributors, etc.) that carry out the transmission of voice and data in a building. With a cabling system, we can serve the following needs:

    • Fire safety – fire detection
    • Security and access control system
    • Energy control and saving system
    • Temperature and ventilation control system
    • Data transfer (PC network)
    • Voice transfer (Telephone – call center)
    • Image transfer (Digital TV)
    • Horizontal cabling: It refers to the wiring installed on one floor level, which includes the assembly point (port or patch panel) and the wiring that serves the specific level and is connected to the vertical or backbone cabling.
    • Vertical cabling: Vertical cabling is the wiring system that connects the horizontal cabling and refers to the interconnection between different levels or groups of horizontal cabling levels.
      Management Subsystems – Rack: 19 inches metal scaffold to protect the termination points and the active equipment in which the system is managed. It should be chosen very carefully in order to best serve current and future needs.

    Having gained valuable experience in networking issues, loop telecoms undertakes structured cabling installations offering solutions aimed at smooth operation, immediate troubleshooting and easy expansion. Using high-performance products, we install structured cabling with copper wires (cat5, cat6, cat7) or optical fibers.


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